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Include your name, address, string lengths (if available), bow model and draw length, and color choices. 

Payments can be made by personal check, money order, or via PayPal to the above email address. 

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Full String/Cable Sets (One or Two Color) includes matching color D-Loop
Single, Hybrid, Or Dual Cam Bows               $65.00
Mathews With Roller Guard Servings            $73.00

Full Shoot-Through System                           $125.00

Individual String Prices (One or Two Color)
One Cam String over 65"                               $40.00
Two Cam String under 65"                             $27.50
Split Harness Buss Cable                                $25.00
Non-Split Buss Cable                                     $20.00
4 non-split buss cables for shoot through sys.  $60.00

Additional items
Serving for Mathews roller guide                      $4.00
D-Loops 4", 4.25", 4.5" Each                          $1.50
D-Loop Material 1'                                         $2.00
ML6 String Wax                                             $5.00
Complete set-up. Install strings, peep, & D-loop  $15.00









































2008 Price List (.pdf)