All of our strings are made exclusively with BCY 452X string material. This is the most stable and reliable material available.

Thus, we have found no reason to use anything else. All strings are built using a custom made jig, and custom string stretcher.

All strings are pre-twisted before serving. Servings are applied under 400lbs of tension, & finished strings are stretched at 500lbs.

This process provides a string that will maintain its exact length with no creep, and provide very consistent peep rotation.




The vast majority of our customers order traditional style string and cables. You can choose any one or two colors from the orders 

page. Get creative and pick a wild combination, or match the colors from your favorite sports team, it is totally up to you. Your strings 

will come with the appropriate amount of serving. We try to fit the serving lengths to each cam size, and do not have a set length that 

covers all cams. We feel that the least amount of serving, provides better looking and functioning strings. Each full set of strings will

 include a matching color medium length D-Loop, and peep knots already tied in. We use BCY 62XS braided center serving with a 

solid nock fit. HALO center serving is also available on request. Mathews bows with the roller guard come with braided serving where 

the rollers contact the string. Traditional end serving can also be used if requested. All single cam bows will have braided end serving 

applied to the buss cable to reduce/eliminate serving separation that is so common on most single cam bows.